ASCO-SEP® 3rd Edition Online Question Bank

Are you looking for practice questions to evaluate your level of oncology knowledge or to prepare for your board exam? The ASCO-SEP®, 3rd Edition Online Question Bank offers:

  • An interactive assessment tool with detailed answer rationales and links to relevant references
  • All the 271 questions from the ASCO-SEP®, 3rd Edition Print Publication
  • 100 bonus questions not found in the book

This product does not include the text from the 3rd Edition Print Publication.

NOTE: regarding ASCO-SEP 2nd Edition, the print format, as well as the Online Question Bank, are no longer available for purchase. Those that previously purchased the Online Question Bank will continue to have access to this product. Sign in for the 2nd Edition Question Bank is located here >>.


CME credit is available for this activity.

ACGME Competencies addressed: Medical Knowledge